Me (right) and Meredith (left) taking care of our babies while mama fed our younger brother

Hi, I’m Claire.

Second in a lineup of five kids, childcare has always been second nature to me (pictured). “Meredith’s in charge” my mom would call back as she shut the door behind her. My older sister, Meredith, and I would grin at each other as we schemed the day’s adventures. Before moving to California, we spent our early childhood and grade school years in Eastern Europe learning different languages, mastering public transportation, and recording videos of ourselves dancing and singing to send to relatives stateside. It was magical. Our lives have always been full to the brim of exceptional childcare and support not only from parents and relatives, but from friends, caregivers and neighbors.

While attaining degrees in both Global Studies and Business, I honed in on gender economics, family culture and female empowerment in every way possible. Following graduate school I spent three years working at a local Women’s Business Center whose mission to create an equitable society I feel deeply passionate about. Undeniably women and families today face unique challenges including the need for consistent and flexible help with childcare.

Siblings + cousins enjoying a Santa Barbara sunset

“Meredith’s in charge” recently took on a whole new meaning as we’ve schemed our next adventure: expanding my sister’s Pasadena-based company to serve families in my neighborhood of Santa Barbara. Meredith & Company grew from her love of childcare and desire to provide families with a strong network of reliable and experienced caregivers, and I’m thrilled to work alongside her.

My perspective, priorities and daily life have been shaped and enriched by my own family (pictured) and those I’ve had the pleasure of working with. This is a place for listening, sharing and connecting with your neighbors.

Welcome to Claire’s Neighborhood.