Dress Up Fun

Growing up we played dress up all. the. time. It was a staple in the Anderson household year-round. My younger brother (not the one pictured above–sorry Luke, but you look dang good in that metallic dress) probably wore more costumes than regular clothes until he was in kindergarten. He was almost always wearing a tie, Davy Crockett hat or cowboy costume.

We had an ever-growing box full of fun pieces like the vintage hat I’m rockin’ above. I love when I see similar boxes at our M&Co. families’ houses. It brings back such fond memories.

October has been my favorite month thus far because so many of my family meetings have included impromptu Halloween costume fashion shows.

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Last year was my favorite Halloween to date because my whole family volunteered at a Star Wars-themed festival and went all out with costumes (I’m C3PO and Meredith is R2D2 in case you were unsure). My parents in the back are these guys made from boxes, duct tape and silver spray paint day-of! I’m still in disbelief that my cousins pulled off PERFECT Kylo Ren and Rey costumes from only watching episode 7 trailers. It wasn’t until after the movie was released that people realized how spot-on they were (excuse my nerding out on the subject of Star Wars, it can’t be stopped).

Needing some last minute costume ideas? We’ve got you covered.

  • DIY kids costumes–I love the snail and the Mary Poppins
  • These are great (Baby Frida Kahlo is my fave)
  • Must watch video of last minute ideas like dressing a baby as popcorn, so freaking cute
  • This stroller costume is such a great idea
  • This website had some cute ones
  • Food costumes are hilarious to me
  • Kudos for originality on these ones

Wishing you a safe and happy Halloween!

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