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I’m excited to announce that our Claire’s Neighborhood Instagram account is officially live! Be sure to follow along @clairesneighborhood and tag any friends who may be interested in either working as a caregiver or using our services 🙂

Now the work to gain followers begins–14 down, many more to go!

And if you’re not already, be sure to follow @meredithandcompany as well to keep up-to-date on all things care-related.


Some of my personal faves to follow are:

@historyphotographed, @thebucketlistfamily, @petesouza (the official photographer of the white house), @whole30recipes (beautiful to look at and try!), @laceroots (a friend’s gorgeous floral company), @lipstickstainsandblackcoffee (another friend’s fabulous travel/career tip blog account), @jojolomelino (close friend of mine’s daughter went viral with her sassy videos last year–always a riot), @groundedapproach (my best friend’s holistic nutrition account), and @humansofny (because, obviously).

Are you on Instagram? If so, do you have any must-follows? Do share!

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